Karyn McDermott from the Examiner had a nice summary of the dinner event yesterday from the tour. From the article: (Part 1)

Lucille’s Southern Cuisine Diner in Luburnum Road, Richmond was the scene of a somewhat unlikely event Thursday evening; a Tea Party featuring self-confessed conservative activists Joe the Plumber and Kevin Jackson.

Kicking off their nation-wide tour, Richmond was chosen as the start of the ‘Fried Chicken Leg’ of the tour named by Kevin Jackson who also authored the best selling The Big Black Lie – How I Learned the Truth About the Democrat Party.

“The South gets a bad rap!” says Jackson as the guests, mainly Tea Party supporters tucked into decidedly Southern fare.

More coverage soon as we begin to work through photos and videos of the event. A big thanks to everyone who supported the event, as well as the RTP volunteers that made it all happen!

Full story here: http://www.examiner.com/republican-in-richmond/joe-the-plumber-kevin-jackson-share-catfish-collard-greens-richmond-pt1 (Part 1)