Again and again in the media in the last few weeks we’ve heard the constant droning on and on about how the “rhetoric” coming from the tea parties is “dangerous” and filled with “hate”. We’re called bigots, and it’s implied that we’re somehow against “civil rights”. A few non-representative tea party protest signs are singled out by the media as somehow indicating that entire tea party movement is “intolerant” and “racist”. The media is in an uproar over Hitler references. See below for context.

It’s almost without question that the media has been acting in concert to spread this propaganda. It’s simply not credible that the media could have developed this precise and targeted narrative independently, when you consider the broad spectrum of electronic and print media commentary that was released nearly in unison. Examining the material below, where was the media outrage in previous years? Could it be that the media is furthering the slander of tea party activists to assist the left’s political goals and to provide cover for the administration? These are the types of questions that need to be asked in the face of such a breathtaking double-standard in coverage.

What follows below are a few examples of the staggering hypocrisy from the media regarding coverage of the tone and content of tea party rallies compared to leftist activist rallies. Browse the below and ask yourself: “which group is really radical?”


I debated whether or not to post the images/video below, but I thought it was important that the hypocrisy and media malfeasance be clearly exposed for all to see. If you are offended by explicit language, please do not review the videos/links below.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Remember that it’s the tea party folks with “extremist” and “dangerous” views.

*House representative Maxine Waters speaks out against protestors….then and now. What changed Maxine? Besides party affiliation of the administration, of course…

*Death threats against the President. Truly radical protest signs.

See them HERE.