If you’re like me, over the past few days, you’ve probably had some friends—who know you’re politically active—ask you that favorite question of the season: “So, Joe.  Whom should I vote for?”  While this bugs me that they haven’t taken the time to know, reality is that most folks don’t take the time.

What’s very good about this election season is that we have much better Web sites with info about which candidates are on which ballots.

The best one I have found for anywhere in Virginia is here.

If you live in Henrico, this link will take you to a site that allows you to click on your precinct.  (If a friend doesn’t know that, ask them to look for their voter registration card, which lists the precinct.)

If you live in Powhatan, this link gives you all the possibilities on one page.  (Much smaller county, much simpler balloting.)

Please pass this on to your friends and family across VA so they at least know who’ll be on the ballot when they vote.


Joe Guarino, chairman

Legislative Committee

Richmond TEA Party