We can only be cautiously optimistic that Governor-elect McDonnell will live up to his ambitions to pursue 10th amendment issues, completely restructure state government, significantly cut spending, drill offshore, and not raise taxes.  It is up to the tea party movement to keep McDonnell accountable to his campaign promises, so together we can ensure the success and vitality of our Commonwealth.

He [Governor-elect McDonnell] adds: “I do think that talking about the excesses of the federal government is something you are going to hear Republican and Democratic candidates for statewide office talk about for a while because I think you’re going to see a resurgence of discussions of federalism, about the 10th Amendment, about limits on federal power, and federal spending.”

As for the damaged Republican brand, one message voters sent with Mr. McDonnell’s election is that they don’t want the GOP to repeat its mistakes from the past decade. Mr. McDonnell seems to have received that message, saying that it was important for him to run on fiscal issues, because “we’ve got to hold the line on taxes and we’ve got to cut spending.”  Read the entire Wall Street Journal Op-Ed