The Hampton Roads Tea Party released its endorsement of US Senate candidate Jamie Radtke today. Mrs. Radtke is running for the republican nomination to replace outgoing US Senator Jim Webb, with the republican primary being held on June 12th, 2012. Mrs. Radtke lives in the Richmond area, and is the prior President of the Richmond Tea Party and is Chairwoman Emeritus of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation (a coalition of various tea party/patriot groups from all across Virginia).

The details:


HRTP Endorses Mrs. Jamie Radtke for US Senate

The Hampton Roads Tea Party is pleased to announce its endorsement of Mrs. Jamie Radtke for US Senate. Her record of support for Constitutional limits on government, her work in opposing Obamacare in Virginia, and her complete dedication to the values of the tea party movement make her the preferred choice for US Senator from Virginia. If elected, we believe that Mrs. Radtke would best articulate and actualize the idea that limited government is best for the United States and would oppose any efforts to further increase the debt imposed on the citizens of our nation. She understands well the threat posed by efforts designed to attack the sovereignty of the United States and would be a powerful voice for change in the US Senate.

We arrived at this decision through the polling of the entire membership and the unanimous decision of the board in assessing the field of candidates, including declared candidates from Democratic and Republican parties in the balloting.

In assessing her candidacy, we see a path to victory that Mrs. Radtke is well equipped to take advantage of. With the support of thousands of liberty-minded individuals in Virginia, Mrs. Radtke can win the GOP nomination and defeat any likely candidate in the general election to become the first female US Senator from Virginia. We continue the spirit of 2010 as we encourage all who hold the values of limited government, Constitutionally protected rights, and personal responsibility as paramount considerations for office holders, to fully support her candidacy and the values that Mrs. Radtke stands for.

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From the HRTP website