RTP just got a phone call that told us that Speaker Howell has asked to be a co-sponsor of the Health Care Reform Bill, one of two 10th Amendment bills we have before the General Assembly. In Speaker Howell’s entire tenure as Speaker of the House (that I know of), Bill Howell has made it a custom to not co-sponsor ANY bills. He is making ONE exception and is coming on board our bill. This will be the first time he has co-sponsored a bill as Speaker and it is your doing! Spread this far and wide. Delegate Marshall said this is happening because of us. He said to keep up what we are doing…it is working.

Get your State Senator on board! The comparable bill in the State Senate is SB 417 being sponsored by Senator Jill Vogel. Find out if your state senator is supporting the bill and give them a call or send an email.

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