Today those of us in the Tea Party movement experienced a moment in history as 2,300 people descended on the State Capitol, according to Capitol Police, in support of 10th Amendment legislation. The largest rally at the State Capitol in recent history, people came from all over the state by car, bus and caravan. The crowd was electrifying.

The response by members of the House of Delegates have been overwhelmingly supportive. The Tea Party grassroots has already secured 1/4 of ALL delegates in the Houseas co-sponsors for the Health Care Freedom Act. Way to go everyone! These are not just votes, these are delegates who have signed on has co-sponsors. The Firearm Freedom Act also has tremendous momentum with over 10 co-sponsors. Tea Party members also spoke with some Senate Democrats who said they would support this bill. Great job grassroots!

So please stay tuned to our website, Twitter and Facebook where we will keep you updated daily on the progress of our 10th Amendment bills. It even looks like other legislators have decided to champion additional 10th Amendment legislation. We will be posting these soon and will encourage you to support them as well.

In the meantime, here are some links to the news coverage of today’s rally. It was a very good media day for all Tea Party patriots!

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