This isn’t a democracy.

Government by polls = democracy.

Democracy = two wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

===> Democracy = Where’s my free stuff?

Yet, any understanding of the simple math of how a productive free market economy actually works, which is no longer taught in government schools (hmmm, I wonder why?) leads one to know that our current course is unsustainable.

===>>> Our current course is unsustainable + there is no political will to change it = we drive off the cliff. It’s actually quite simple. Isn’t that obvious?

This is why I am content in my belief that we have passed the event horizon for a collapse event, perhaps one of truly historic proportions. You can invoke the memes of social justice, or class warfare, or envy, or foreign bogeymen, or false hope (recovery!), or the meme that just keeps on giving (Armageddon if you don’t do what we want), but none of that changes the facts. I’m no shrink, but it seems to me that folks who continue to argue for “borrowing forever” are in the Bargaining Phase of loss.

“Can’t we just get back to the party?”

It is a simple fact that wealth cannot be redistributed until it is first produced. Yet, none on the left, and only a tragic few on the right, are actually talking about what we really need to do: get the economy moving again by allowing it to produce wealth. Instead of honoring our wealth-producers, we shame and humiliate them, threaten them, and attack them. This is the end game of the social justice meme. Everyone stands around bitching, wondering why there is no more wealth to redistribute, why the productive economy has collapsed, who can we blame for it, and who can we borrow or steal from to keep the party going.

“Where’s my free stuff?”

It’s a truly disgusting spectacle. /rant