ONE CALL – 3 Freedoms

School Choice – Asset Forfeiture – COPN

‘The Education Cartel’ ~ ‘Law Enforcement Establishment’ ~ ‘BIG Medicine’

Slow walking  ~  Multiple committees  ~  Passed by  …  (Easy to see what’s going on … )

HB 8,    HB 389,    HB 48,    HB 193
 Vote “Yes”

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All these bills need “YES” votes on Monday and Tuesday to pass!
Emails / voicemails / Facebook etc. needed today!
“Put Virginians, not partisan agendas first!”
Ask them to Let them know you’ve got their back
Your Delegate is under extreme pressure to vote against these bills!

1. School choice bills under attack.
‘The Education Cartel’ is in ‘all out’ mode to stop every school choice bill that would mean education competition.
[Not rich? Currently you have only one  other choice:  Education scholarships. Bills to enhance this program were killed by committees]
HB 8 –  Establishes Virtual schools
HB 389 – Establishes Education Savings Accounts

2. Virginia Law and Civil Asset Forfeiture: Legalized Theft
Unconstitutional / un-American. ‘Establishment Police-state tactics’ in the land of the Founding Fathers!
It’s all about the money. Police and Prosecutors share asset forfeiture proceeds.
VA has a $100 billion budget – Tell your legislators to find the money to fully fund our police and STOP this disgusting practice!
HB48 – No asset Forfeiture without conviction

3. A Crony Capitalist Monopoly – VA’s Certificate of Public Need (CPON)
Quintessential Crony Capitalism! ‘Big Medicine’
Certificate of Public Need laws limit access and increase healthcare costs.
‘Big Medicine’ has had this monopoly long enough. It’s time to “Let the free market work it’s magic”
HB193 – Certificates of public need; creates a three-phase process to sunset

Support:   HB 8,    HB 389,    HB 48,    HB193

Your Delegate is under extreme pressure to vote against these bills.
Let them know you’ve got their back!
Contact your Delegate and urge him/her to support these bills