johnkoskinen-webWe just learned that the House Freedom Caucus (the good guys) had to “reach a deal” with House GOP leadership on the vote to impeach IRS Chairman John Koskinen. The Freedom Caucus was pushing for a vote on impeachment, but inexplicably, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (VA-6) and others in House leadership have been working to block that vote. Why in the world would the GOP be pushing to block an impeachment vote? What Koskinen did was despicable and corrupt. And real harm was done to conservative organizations as part of the IRS targeting scandal, and Koskinen obstructed the investigation to learn what really happened. For a recap on how we (Richmond Tea Party) were effected, see our archives. We’re still in a lawsuit over this today, right now. What’s baffling about this is that a “deal” had to be reached. Really? You had to “wheel and deal” in order to do the right thing? So now the American people won’t know how his/her representative would vote on impeachment until most likely after the election.

It’s a sad condemnation of where we are as a country when we can’t even rely on our elected representatives to do the right thing….even in the face of such blatant wrongdoing. Next time you see Rep. Bob Goodlatte, ask him why the Freedom Caucus couldn’t expect his support on dealing with out of control, corrupt IRS leadership.

Source: GOP negotiators reach deal to postpone IRS impeachment vote – POLITICO

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