This is a question that is continually asked in the media and blogs. It seems to be asked even more with the hype over Sarah Palin speaking at the Tea Party Nation Convention this weekend. Political pundits are eager to place us in a category to explain us away. Republicans and Democrats like the label because it accomplishes two objectives: 1) scares away Democrats who feel disenfranchised by their party but don’t want to join something that is identified as extreme, 2) makes Republicans fearful their support of the Tea Party will “split” the conservative vote when it comes to choosing candidates. Let’s at least be honest here, the biggest fear of both political parties is that the Tea Party be perceived as mainstream. So it benefits both of them to label us as “far right.”

But the questions still remains, is the Tea Party a far right movement? Political philosophy is labeled left or right based on the principles it espouses. It is then necessary to examine the tenets of the Tea Party:

  • Legislate within the parameters of the Constitution
  • Stop the insane and irresponsible spending
  • Shrink the size of an out-of-control national government
  • Govern with virtue and accountability (another way of saying get rid of all the dishonest, corrupt politicians)
  • So what part of this list is the far right? These ideas are the center. They are the principles upon which our country was founded. Why would demanding that the Constitution be the authoritative, governing document of our country be considered a far right idea? The Constitution should be the middle ground and anyone who strays from that is moving to the left or right.

    We have a national debt of over $12 trillion. To add the icing to the cake, Obama just proposed an astounding $3.83 TRILLION budget that has massive deficits. This massive deficit of over $1.5 TRILLION is despite the huge tax increases he has included in his budget.

    There is absolutely no attempt to shrink the size of governmment or seriously cut spending. In fact, Obama’s budget has more programs and increased spending than was proposed last year. His spending freeze is a joke. While he is going to spend $3.83 TRILLION, he has proposed saving $250 billion over the next decade with his spending freeze. You heard us right!

    It is important to remember that the Tea Party movement saw its birth out of the Bush TARP plan. The Democrats and Republicans have created a culture of spending, taxing, ignoring the Constitution, corruption, and government programs. They are the extreme. We are the center. We are centered in the Constitution, common-sense, prudence, and virtue. That isn’t far right…that is simply what is right for this country. I say both parties need to meet us in the center!