The Disrupt the Narrative blog has a post today about what appears to be unusual circumstances surrounding voter registration documents. Read the details in the blog, but does this indicate that games are afoot? A snippet:

This mailer arrived in our box for my wife today. My first suspicion was that this mailer was under her ‘familiar’ name, not her ‘legal’ name. Plus, she’s already registered to vote.

But there was something fishy about this mailer so I couldn’t help but delve deeper.

It appeared to come from the Virginia State Board of Elections, but upon further investigation it actually came from the Voter Participation Center, which is a partner organization with the George Soros funded Center for American Progress and both groups have direct ties to the Obama White House. It started out as part of the Tides Foundation. Looking at the biographies on these sites show lots of people with ties to the Obama and Clinton Administrations, and is part of the Democrats’ criminal syndicate. Have a look at this from Discover the Networks. And this from Wikipedia.

The VPC also focuses on educating policymakers and media on issues impacting what it calls the “rising American electorate”, including a series of reports produced in March 2010, in partnership with the Center for American Progress.

Now. Notice the address on the return envelope:


h/t: Disrupt the Narrative