VA General Assembly Action Alert – please contact your senators to urge their support of SB 1236, which will give teachers choice about professional organizations they may join. No one should ever be forced to join a professional organization that may contradict their values. If you’d like ideological diversity in our schools, this will help. Should only consume a minute or two of your time to take action.

To use the Virginia Tea Party Legislative Action Center, go here:

Or to simply call relevant committee members offices directly, see contact info below:


Senator Stephen Newman (Chair): (804) 698-7523 –

Senator John Cosgrove Jr.: (804) 698-7514 –

Senator Charles Carrico:  (804) 698-7540 –

Senator Siobhan Dunnavant: (804) 698-7512 –

Senator Mark Peake: (804) 698-7522 –

Senator Dick Black – (804) 698-7513 –

Senator Amanda Chase – (804) 698-7511 –

Senator David Suetterlein – (804) 698-7519 –


THANK YOU for making a difference!