Have you ever gone past a pasture and seen horses or cows standing in the field not doing much of anything except eating?  Have you ever been to a farm and seen chickens in their coops, pigs in their stalls, or rabbits in their cages? If you have, you’ve no doubt noticed that such animals don’t have the ability to make many choices for themselves. They are content to be led and they have very little ambition to do much with their life.  

While all animals have some level of intelligence, man is capable of making complex decisions that are far and above what even the next most intelligent beast possesses. What sets man apart from all other mammals is his ability to think, reason, ponder and then to act on his thoughts to improve his own life.

Yet there is one trait that all animals have in common and that is, regardless of their level of intelligence, they know how to provide for themselves. It is only when we take animals out of their natural environment and put them in cages that they need someone else to take care of them.

As the most intelligent animal on earth, man is best suited for taking care of his own needs, but there are those who want to convince us that he cannot do that unless some government agency provides for his necessities and perhaps even for his wants. To do this they want to take us out of our natural environment of freedom and corral us into groups of people. The attitude of those who want an all-encompassing government is that man is nothing more than a dumb animal who must be kept penned in and watched over because he hasn’t the intellect to make good and wise choices on his own.

What the Tea Party believes is that man is endowed by his Creator with the inalienable right to provide for himself and that he has been born free to think and behave for himself as he so chooses. Furthermore, we believe that, left to himself, man has both the capacity and ability to use his freedom of choice wisely and responsibly. We also believe that man must be allowed to accept the consequences of his actions because that’s how he learns. Therefore, what the Tea Party wants is for our government to allow man his God-given right to exercise this freedom to decide for himself. That’s why we believe in limited government.