Okay, I’ve been trying to get you pumped about the Ebony & Ivory Two Nekkid Heads all-day event next Thursday (May 5th) in Richmond, but now I’m going to explain its importance to the greater freedom movement in America and why it’s critical you participate. 

One of the big reasons our nation is in such a dismal position is because we have allowed the Big-Government machine to intentionally divide us along racial lines. They do this to protect and expand their own power—because the more we argue over issues of race, the less time we have to stop them from destroying our economy, trampling our freedoms, and growing the size of government to control every aspect of our lives.

If you’re in the Tea Party—or even just lean conservative or libertarian—you know how the game is played. You’re trying your best to engage in an honest and courteous—though probably lively—discussion on the critical issues of the day, but as soon as you criticize President Obama’s atrocious policies, someone points their finger at you and shouts, “Racist!” You’re speechless, because race hadn’t even crossed your mind. You’re just trying to make the simple point that, “Hey, Big Government and freedom aren’t particularly good friends.” But it doesn’t matter, because your verbal opponents aren’t interested rationally discussing the merits of the issues, so they instead try to shut it down by calling you names. Our case is so rock-solid and easy to make, the race card is about all they have left to play. And they will play it, and play it, and play it, as much as they have to prevent our ideas from winning the day.

Unfortunately, though there’s zero truth to their claims about the Tea Party movement being driven by race, the sad fact is that many believe it. Never mind that it is the Big-Government advocates who are obsessed with race and bring it up constantly.

But here’s the great news: we can defeat this nonsense. The Big-Government lie is being exposed to greater degrees every day, and a large part of ending it for good is simply to reach out to others who may view us as opponents and show them that we are, in fact, their greatest allies, vigorous guardians of their freedoms that are much more fragile than they realize. We must convince them that we are all in this together; we and our families face the same national challenges and threats. We are all in grave danger of becoming subjects of a massive Federal Government that cares nothing about the rights of the individual, and if it is allowed to expand any further, We the People will lose, no matter what race, sex, class, or religion we each belong to.

While Big Government attempts to divide and destroy, the Tea Party must unite and empower. We must get out there and connect with different communities, showing them that their concerns are ours, that we’re more alike than we are different. We must as We the People collectively stand against We the Government and no longer play straight into their power-hungry hands by distracting ourselves with defending against baseless charges of racism. If we do that, Big Government loses.

And We the People win. All of us.

The Richmond Tea Party has always made minority outreach one of our top priorities, and as I’ve participated in those efforts, I continue to learn that often all you have to do to change people’s mind about us is show up. People who have swallowed the media’s cartoon caricature of us are simply stunned when they meet us face to face and learn how sincere we are in partnering with them to build a better tomorrow for all our children. Over the past two years, I have observed that in general the Tea Party is populated with generous and kind-hearted individuals who want nothing but the best for all Americans. I would stand with all of you any day. And others will as well, if you make the effort to connect with them.

So that is why you must participate in the tour on May 5th to the fullest extent you can. We will be joining with Kevin Jackson and Joe the Plumber to connect with those other Americans who may be skeptical of our intentions, but will be amazed when they discover who we actually are. It’s critical that we pack out the restaurants we’ve scheduled to visit with as many people as possible. (Click here for full details). They need to know how important it is to us to join with them for America’s sake.

If you’re working on Thursday, take the day off (I am)—or at least part of it. If you have other plans, cancel them. Come to as many activities as possible and help Kevin, Joe, and the Richmond Tea Party obliterate the absurd claim that we are somehow driven by race.

But the tour doesn’t end in Richmond—it begins here. Kevin and Joe plan to ultimately bring it to all 50 states, and by the time they’re finished, relationships between Tea Partiers and different communities will be established all across America so that we can finally stop allowing Big Government to divide and conquer us. But for that to happen, the first leg of the trip through the Deep South must be successful. Let’s give them a huge burst of momentum by rocking the city of Richmond on May 5th.

And, please, remember that this tour is being financed entirely by the good will of Tea Partiers. So donate whatever you can, big or small, to the tour effort here (or become a sponsor), and let’s show the nation how generous the Tea Party is.

See you Thursday!

Cross-posted at redstatevirginia.com