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As a political independent, Jonathan Wakefield serves on the Board of Directors of the Richmond Tea Party. He is the author of SAVING AMERICA: A CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE OF THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT and the non-political novel FATAL REALITY (an inspirational thriller). Jonathan is also a computer programmer and the owner of a copywriting and editing business. Visit his websites at www.teapartyforchristians.com and www.jonathanwakefield.com.

Help Keep the Elections Free and Fair Tomorrow

From Breitbart: Today, True the Vote (TTV), the nonpartisan election integrity organization, announced the availability of its Election Integrity Hotline, to help document illegal activity inside or outside of America’s polling places. “If you want to make a difference on November 6th, True the Vote has a job for you,” True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht [...]

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Bishop Jackson Rocks the House at Trinity Lutheran Church in Richmond

Our friends at West Henrico Tea Party hosted an event at Trinity Lutheran Church this past Tuesday featuring Bishop E.W. Jackson. I had the pleasure of attending and hearing him deliver a moving speech to a packed house on the Christian duty to be engaged in the political process. I was able to capture the entire speech, and if [...]

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Why ObamaCare MUST Be Repealed

Produced by Tea Party Patriots, The Determinators is an excellent (and free!) documentary that every American should watch, especially before they cast their votes on November 6th. The documentary delves into history and philosophy to make a compelling case for why socialized medicine is so dangerous. Please take the time to watch it and share it with everyone [...]

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Momentum Builds as More Texas and Tennessee Volunteers Pour Into Virginia to Help Get-Out-the-Vote

Below is a press release from our friends at Election Day Tea Party. They have sent people to Richmond to knock on doors with us this weekend to advocate for liberty. If you're interested in joining us all, click here for details and how to RSVP. ---- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Lorie Medina lorie@medinausa.com 214-502-0153 Christina [...]

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Watch for and Report Potential Voter Fraud

The following is an account a Richmond Tea Party volunteer provided about a potential ongoing voter registration scam. ---- On Thursday, September 6, I was going into a retail store in Glen Allen. A lady was standing outside with a clipboard who asked me if I was "registered to vote at my current address." I thought it [...]

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Let’s Get Christians Registered to Vote for Small Government

Did you know that of the 60 million committed Christians in America only 30 million vote in any given election? That’s sad. And it must change. Christians largely support small government, yet far too many of them remain on the sidelines as their government grows bigger, infringing on more and more of their religious liberties. [...]

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Press Release: Virginia Tea Party Patriots — Brandon Raub

For Immediate Release:                                                                           August 23, 2012 Contact: Mark Daugherty                                                                                      540-885-5627 Email: trail100liberty@gmail.com                                                                      540-255-1431 Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation Supports Brandon Raub’s Free Speech Rights, Applauds His Release, And Demands An Investigation (Richmond, VA) – “The Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation VTPPF condemns [...]

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“2016: Obama’s America” Opens in Richmond This Weekend

The highly anticipated film opens this Friday in the Richmond area at six theaters. Be sure to watch it and bring as many friends as you can drag with you, regardless of their political beliefs. We all need to be as informed as possible when we cast our votes this November in the critical presidential [...]

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RTP Volunteer Dave Metz’s Letter to the Editor

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, titled "What a Conservative Stands For": I am a conservative. I love my country, my God and my family. More than anything, I want to see this country prosper and provide an environment where everyone has the opportunity to realize his or her dream. I believe in equal rights and equal [...]

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Who Are The Good People?

The following is a guest post by Cynthia Howerter, a new volunteer for Richmond Tea Party. This post originally ran May 7, 2012 on her blog, SOAR WITH EAGLES. She wrote it and e-mailed it around, knowing that if we don't gather enough people to stand against an out-of-control government NOW, we will soon no [...]

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Reaching Americans Through Billboards

The following is a guest post from RTP activist David Moss. ---- RightMove is a PAC that is working on a project to install conservative messages on billboards on all major interstates nationwide. Billboards provide a unique advertising platform that reaches a variety of demographics cost effectively, allowing us to bypass the mainstream media that [...]

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