Below is a press release from our friends at Election Day Tea Party. They have sent people to Richmond to knock on doors with us this weekend to advocate for liberty. If you’re interested in joining us all, click here for details and how to RSVP.



Lorie Medina

Christina Botteri

Momentum Builds as More Texas & Tennessee Volunteers Pour Into Virginia to Help Get-Out-the-Vote


September 20, 2012 – Momentum is rapidly building as word spreads of patriotic Texans and Tennesseans traveling to Virginia as part of the independent get-out-the-vote project, Volunteers for Virginia.

The out-of-state volunteers connected with their like-minded Virginia hosts in Roanoke and Northern Virginia and together knocked on 1900 doors.

“For me, it was an energizing experience,” wrote Tennessee’s Cumberland Tea Party member Aretie Patterson about her Virginia trip last weekend. “I was no longer sitting at a computer, worrying about polls, reading depressing news, complaining, feeling frustrated and helpless. Instead, I was walking, talking, getting out the vote. I was actively working to change the course of things. We were taking charge!”

Those volunteers unable to make the 2,400 mile round trip journey began an innovative letter-writing campaign, resulting in a staggering 6,200 hand-written notes mailed so far to Virginia voters.

“Our hard-won Primary victories are behind us now, so we’re ready and able to help critical swing states like Virginia,” Lorie Medina, founder of the Frisco, Texas Tea Party and currently Chief Strategist for Texas Faith & Freedom Coalition said. “Texans across the state are volunteering their time and energy to get-out-the-vote in Virginia by walking neighborhoods, making phone calls, and writing personal notes urging voters to cast their vote this November.”

The local grassroots group We rVirginia is hosting the traveling volunteers, providing them with food and lodging during their stay. “We have a tremendous number of people to talk with between now and Election Day – and with the help of our Texas and Tennessee partners, we will be able to visit them all!” said Nancy Smith, spokesperson for We rVirgina.

The weekend of the 22nd will see the volunteers focus on Richmond, Blacksburg, and Roanoke.

The Volunteers for Virginia Results – September 13-16
Doors Knocked On – 1,900    Literature Handed Out – 6,000
Postcards written – 6,200       Postcards written – Spanish – 88
Texas Volunteers – 9             Tennessee Volunteers – 8

For more information or to participate in Volunteers for Virginia, visit

About Volunteers for Virginia: Volunteers for Virginia is a collaborative project between We rVirginia, LLC and Election Day Tea Party, an initiative of the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, an informal federation of 30 local tea parties from around the country who work in cooperation on national projects.

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