The following is a guest post from RTP activist David Moss.


RightMove is a PAC that is working on a project to install conservative messages on billboards on all major interstates nationwide. Billboards provide a unique advertising platform that reaches a variety of demographics cost effectively, allowing us to bypass the mainstream media that won’t tell the truth about this election. RightMove has recently been donated 3 billboards to use through election day in the Dallas, TX area, and we are actively working to fund-raise to pay for the printing and installation of our ‘Got Fooled?’ message. These billboards will be placed in strategic locations visible to conservative donors in Dallas as well as members of the Glenn Beck staff as they embark on their daily activities. By reaching out to the Beck staff, RightMove is looking to show the importance of this advertising medium and will hopefully work with them on informing the nation of our PAC’s goals.

Please donate today, and help RightMove educate the nation about the issues of this critical election one billboard at a time.

You can click the link below to donate, or visit

Thank you,
David Moss
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Richmond Va 23225