That’s the sound of the federal debt rising under then-Sen. George Allen.  During his six years in office, the federal debt went from $5.72 BILLION to $8.68 BILLION.  Almost THREE TRILLION DOLLARS.  And so, in Nov. 2006, guess where Allen was?  GOOOOOONE!  Voted out of office.  And that’s where he should stay.


Every single one of us—including ME—should be embarrassed if we voted for Allen in 2000 and again in 2006.  I had NO IDEA he and the Establishment Republicans were shaking down Americans for that much change during those years.  While I was focusing on other issues, the Democrat-lite Republicans in Congress—who were in charge then—were being convinced that they should raise the debt ceiling and keep spending like drunken sailors.


And now that that money is gone and we have a current administration that is spending like it’s on steroids, why in the world would we desire to vote thrice for a man who couldn’t control his votes on spending for six years?  FOLKS, GET WITH THE PROGRAM!


Wolves in sheep’s clothing are still wolves.  He voted to ravage our pocket books before.  What makes you think he won’t do it again?  Oh, he “says” he won’t do it again.  Weren’t we all taught that actions speak louder than words?


If YOU “say” you don’t desire any more federal debt, then don’t vote for Allen in the Republican Senate primary June 12.  Go and investigate the other three candidates and look for the ones who have put out plans that show that they won’t vote for an increase and in fact will work to reduce the debt.  Look for the ones who associate with other cost cutters like Sens. Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Marco Rubio, not purse cutters like Establishment Republicans.