Did you know that of the 60 million committed Christians in America only 30 million vote in any given election? That’s sad. And it must change.

Christians largely support small government, yet far too many of them remain on the sidelines as their government grows bigger, infringing on more and more of their religious liberties. If even just a small percentage of that non-voting segment were to start voting regularly, it could turn the entire nation back toward freedom under small government.

Getting Christians to vote starts with getting them registered. To aid in this effort Richmond Tea Party is launching a campaign to facilitate voter registration drives in churches all across Richmond and its surrounding areas. If you are a churchgoer and want to get people in your church registered to vote, we can provide all the materials you need to conduct a registration drive one Sunday (or multiple Sundays) before the October 15th deadline for the November 6th election. All you have to do is show up, hand out and collect registration forms, and return them to Richmond Tea Party or mail them yourself to the appropriate registrar. And for any people who complete forms but would rather mail them on their own, we will provide you with envelopes to hand them.

If you’re interested in helping or learning more, please e-mail Jon Wakefield at jonw@richmondteaparty.com, and he will get back to you to discuss the details. If you know anyone else who might be interested, regardless of whether or not they’re in the Tea Party, please send them the link to this story. And if you’re not a churchgoer yourself but you know others who are, please send them this link as well. Also, watch the following video for how important it is for every Christian to vote and how they can register online, and share it with all the Christians you know:


Let’s get them registered. Let’s get them voting. And let’s get them on board to help restore small-government principles in America so that we can survive our current crises and ultimately thrive again as a free nation.