The following is an account a Richmond Tea Party volunteer provided about a potential ongoing voter registration scam.


On Thursday, September 6, I was going into a retail store in Glen Allen. A lady was standing outside with a clipboard who asked me if I was “registered to vote at my current address.” I thought it was odd that she would use the word “current.” I told her that no, I was not, that I had recently moved, and that I was still registered at my old address. She told me that was no problem, that she could register me at my new address. I asked her if this was an address change. She said no, that I  didn’t need to worry about that, and that she would register me at my new address. At this point, I told her she was busted, and asked an employee to go get the manager.

When the manager arrived, I asked what affiliation this woman had with the retailer. I told the manager what the woman had been doing and stated that I was going to call the police. I told him I had no issue with voter registration itself. Treating this as a new registration, however, was fraudulent, and he should know what was occurring on their property. While these discussions were ongoing, I dialed the police and asked that a car be sent to the location. People were coming outside and stopping to listen. Many voiced concern over this, but no one had felt comfortable questioning this woman because she was at a reputable retailer. It was during this discussion that another lady came out of the store with a clipboard. A gentleman standing with me identified her, and said she had approached him from within the store and asked him the same question about registration. The manager denied knowledge of this as well.

I gave my information to the manager. When the police arrived, I was told it was not necessary for me to stay since my contact info had been given. I left.

The following day, I called the retailer’s corporate headquarters and relayed the incident. I was told this type of activity was absolutely against their corporate policy. I was told that security would be sent to the Glen Allen location to ensure that no one would do this again. And, finally, I was told that a memo would be sent out nationwide to their locations to be on the lookout for similar scams.

In relaying this incident to my son later, he informed me that people were at his college doing the same thing.  I called the college’s president. He referred me to the head of “Student Life” who handles permits for all activities. This gentleman was unaware that these folks were doing this on campus and said that, if they were permitted, he would call me back with the organization name. Should they show up again, the campus police would be summoned.


Note: RTP checked with a local authority and was advised that technically it’s not illegal to re-register voters who have moved. Fraud enters the picture when that voter votes in both places. Apparently, this is a common technique happening across the country (especially on college campuses where addresses frequently change) to increase the voter rolls and allow for fraudulent double-voting.

While we can’t legally stop this activity from occurring, we can do exactly what our principled and courageous volunteer did when we encounter this potential scam, notifying the managers of the establishments where it happens (as well as their corporate headquarters for national chains). Most will likely shut it down, as in the case of the national retailer in our story.

You can be certain that the Big-Government Disciples will do everything they can to cling to their power, including cheating wherever possible. And Virginia is Ground Zero for this year’s presidential election. It’s incumbent upon all honest, freedom-loving Americans to be on the lookout for potential voter fraud and report it accordingly. We cannot allow our freedoms to be stolen by cheaters.



Photo ©Alan Cleaver