In his syndicated column today, Tony Blankley points out the continuing importance of individual resolve and collective action–the basis of the Tea Party–to save our government.  He notes that “Political calculations are being made from Capitol Hill to Pennsylvania Avenue to K St. intended to perpetuate the destructive governmental trends of the last years.”   He concludes his column with a call to action:

For too long, the decent American majority of citizens who are productive and hardworking (and those many millions now sincerely, desperately looking for jobs) have sat by while others have tried to usurp our liberty to enhance the power of government; have taxed and borrowed from those who produce to transfer to those who neither work, nor produce, nor seek to produce, nor maintain their private virtue.

Now all these conflicting interests and passions are funneling into Washington, D.C. These next 24 months — beginning now — are the decisive moment.

Can the rot that has begun to eat at the ship of state be cut out and replaced with solid timber? Can the will and impulse of the majority assert itself in its capital? Can the grounds for optimism be sustained?

Louder and louder must the public voices of private virtue be heard in this 2,011th year Anno Domini.