“2016: Obama’s America” is an informative, entertaining, powerful–and scary–look at Obama’s real agenda. It explains Obama’s beliefs and goals by Dinesh D’Souza’s theory that they were formed under the influence of Obama’s anti-colonialist father and leftist mentors. You can quibble with the theory (although it seems reasonable to me), but the movie portrays Obama’s thinking and actions accurately. The movie sticks to clear facts and reasonable arguments; it avoids controversial topics such as Obama’s birthplace or the belief that he’s a closet Muslim. Even a far lefty could enjoy the movie and the evidence of Obama’s contempt for America and other first-world countries and his policies and plans to weaken the U.S.

The movie, a first-class professional production, is drawing huge crowds nationwide. Most seats were filled even at the 2:20 matinee we went to at the Westchester on Saturday, and many in the audience clapped at the end.┬áIt’s playing in all area theaters at least through Sept. 6.

An excellent review appeared in New York City Movie Guru. Dr. Thomas Sowell, the astute conservative intellectual, wrote a column praising the movie. The conservative web publication, Reason.com, published a favorable review that presents some criticism of the movie’s theories.

8/30/12 Edited to indicate that it’s run has been extended through at least Sept. 6 in all area theaters.