The Richmond Tea Party will be kicking off the new Goochland Tea Party in a couple of weeks – details below. Our goal is to foster political activism at the local and district levels through smaller, community based groups. In order to give these local groups the support they need, the plan is for them to be a part of the RTP. As an associate of the RTP, the local organizations will have full access to the RTP, the Virginia Tea Party Federation, and the National Federation for state and national research, support, education, rallies, conventions, etc. We think it is the perfect match of local involvement and strong state and national support.

Next we want to invite Louisa, and are talking to New Kent and three others that are in the beginning stages of organization.



Are you tired of watching our
elected officials destroy
our economy…our security…
our future?

Come learn how you can make
a difference and stop reckless spending
and massive taxes.

Stand With Us!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 @ 7:00 PM
Goochland Library
3075 River Road West

For more details, see the event calendar on the right side of this page for June 8th.