Providence Forge residents John and Sharon Phelps along with two friends, Richard Dawes and Ron Stiers, decided that they had seen and heard enough of a government that was over reaching; spending and taxing us too much; and was so corrupt that they weren’t even trying to hide it any more!  They knew they could no longer sit silently by – they knew they had to do something.  What followed is a thrilling success story of how a tea party is formed.

 They put up a few small signs along local roads and talked to everyone they knew to tell them about a tea party meeting that would be held on April 27th at the Providence Forge Recreational Center.  They had no idea how many people would come.  As it turned out, 90 of their family, friends, and neighbors attended.  It was a hugh success.

When it came time for the second meeting on May 25th, they reserved the same meeting facility and set out 90 chairs.  They still had no idea how many people would come.  What happened after that can only be attributed to the strength and enthusiasm of the New Kent Tea Party founding members and to the simple yet compelling tea party message they espoused.  They had to keep adding chairs after the first 90 filled up.  And then they added more…and more.  In the end, they counted 175 in attendance – almost double the first meeting!

They have volunteers who are eager to get involved and the leadership team is  forming committees to address their core objectives and to get volunteers involved.

The New Kent Tea Party will be closely aligned with the Richmond Tea Party who will share resources and advise.   We encourage this great group of patriots to lend their activism to the growing discontent Americans are feeling about the way our government is changing our country.

The next meeting is scheduled for June 29th, and the  guest speaker will be Dr. Martin J Mangino/FS/VCU who will present his Science of Global Warming Seminar.  All are welcome to attend.

If you live in the New Kent area, please visit their website at and find out how you can get involved.