With the steady onslaught of insanity being perpetrated on the taxpayers, we thought that you’d like to learn about some of the most egregious examples. As a result, we will be starting a new recurring column titled “The Daily Outrage”. Perhaps this will simply be cathartic for us, sharing the lunacy with supporters. Or maybe if you’re feeling a bit tired and need to raise your blood pressure, drop on by for jolt to the system.

The column won’t literally appear everyday, but we’ll be sure to share as many outrageous articles as we can. If you have friends that haven’t yet woken up to how insane and corrupt our reality has become, send them a link to our stories.

Watch for future articles coming soon!

*Disclaimer: The Daily Outrage is not meant to be consumed while pregant, operating machinery, or if you have a heart condition. If you experience upset stomach or nausea while reading the column, you likely still care about your government and country. If symptoms persist, please see your doctor (or better yet, call your government representative).