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Issue: 6/11/2015


In the 29th District race, only 2.8% of voters turned out and these few people selected the candidate for November – We all must VOTE


Group pushes for more govt (affordable) housing in Chesterfield County – solving poverty is not the govt’s job.


Social engineering: “.. localities to provide a stable source of revenue(a trust fund) reserved solely for affordable homes…”


7 Reasons Why Trade Promotion Authority/Fast Track Must Be Defeated – check out the photo – The 3 banditos


10 Reasons Why You Should Oppose TPP and TTIP – its being planned in secret – big govt and big business love it…


New Bill Forces Gun Owners to Buy Liability Insurance


Let the States Fix the Highways ’cause Washington be Broke – another failed govt trust fund – the feds’ “Highway Trust Fund”


13 June 2015 – VA Tea Party Patriots Federation Quarterly Summit Meeting


Kansas to cap welfare ATM withdrawals at $25 per day


OBAMA ADMINISTRATION STOPS WORK ON IMMIGRANT PROGRAM,…… good news but read the fine print,  still a small victory


In the UK, Elderly people .. to be treated as “second-class citizens” and even denied life-saving medical treatment – UN “Death Targets”


Fantastic 5 min overview of dangers of Common core …. National Sexuality Education Standards/next story


The National Sexuality Education Standards – just skip down to the page exerpts – SCARY


Peek at this – Common Core free, judeo-christian, classical school


Great anti-Common Core site – worth visit -just scan the titles


Social Security overpaid people receiving disability benefits by nearly $17 billion


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Please vote on June 9th – there was a time when only landowners were allowed to vote – good short read


Fact: Your vote always elects, even when it isn’t cast. — Why we have the federal govt we have today


Skip to the “Three Questions to Change the Election, Property Rights?”, Regional Governments?, Social Justice? – worth a look


TSA BOMBS TEST: 96% of screenings fail to find fake explosives, weapons


The FREEDOM Act won’t fix government overreach – you can still select all records for a whole corporation or a whole geographic region of the country.


Will States Nullify the Fed’s Money Monopoly? NH TX OK WA – Legalize Gold and Silver as Legal Tender


Empowering Washington, D.C. to have even more control over local police departments.


“Common Core for Cops” – Feds move in on policing standards like they are moving in on education standards


We have very little “free trade” even though we have plenty of free trade agreements.


WTO Ruling Blasts U.S. Sovereignty; TPP Threatens More of Same


Common Core standards threaten parents’ rights, children’s privacy, and traditional American values.


Ex-Marine’s Plan to Open Gun Shop Near DC Angers Residents


June 13th VTPPF Summit -Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation, Inc. Saturday, June 13, 2015 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (EDT) Richmond, VA


McConnell (R-Ky.)/Obama want a clean PATRIOT Act – but Patriots had partial victory


Recall Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader!!! He is Harry Reid II, no amensdments, pass clean bills, Obama’s new buddy, “we are the new odd couple.”


Look!  Interesting graphic —- cannot vouch for its accuracy —


Obama Loses Second Bid to Implement Overhaul of Immigration