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CVTP –The Central Virginia Tea Party Press……. 3/8/15

“Knowledge is power.  Be advised or be surprised, your choice.”


Tax Hikes Via Executive Action – A last resort but it may be due – We must “Repair Our Republic.”


Let us “Repair Our Republic.”


President Unveils Plan to Further Nationalize Local Police


Boehner caves, Pelosi & Reid still control congress – House passes clean DHS bill


More than 200 bills have been introduced in state capitols across the country to nullify federal laws or regulations that the bills’ sponsors claim violate the Constitution of the United States.


Chesterfield plans to replace 200 school buses of the 217 “not … manufactured in this century,”


VA “Baseline” budgeting game – Cut Budget by a Billion, but increase spending by 3/4s of a billion of YOUR money.


Why “Boots on the ground” should always be a “fight, win & leave” strategy.


Frustrated students walk out over new Common Core testing


Sometimes the old growth forrest trees just fall over from age – the same would help the republican party


Lyndon B. Johnson’s 1966 “Govt will feed your kids” act will cost poor taxpayers 4.5 billion this year – VA get $9m.


Texas Lawmakers Launch Attack on UN Agenda 21 (live in cities, use public transportation, very few cars & roads ..)


=================LAST ISSUE========================================

Govt blood suckers – Henrico/Hanover/Richmond School Boards use a new & growing revenue stream – Medicaid

How much is Chesterfield County’s Honor worth? – another “freebie” from Uncle Sam, paid for by your freedom.


At last, some good news – Conservative Centers Quietly Invading U.S. Universities


Two bicyclists are killed every day by autos – should Chesterfield County be encouraging cycling near roadways.


“Revitilization” is Govt controlled development using your money.

“.. opportunistic builders started buying up vacant lots .. for pennies on the dollar.. ”


Bringing Accountability to VA County School Systems – last chart especially informative


With rising assessments, is Chesterfield County facing tax hike? – Stop our growing govt!


The Govt doesn’t follow the current wording – The Solution Is the Constitution, Not Article V




“In some states, welfare folks get more than the average working folks”


Hinkle: More money doesn’t equal better schools


Not sure if everyone knew this, but Chesterfield (and perhaps the only county in VA) has this technology. Terrible intrusion.

He and two buddies robbed a small-time pot dealer of $130 worth of weed using BB guns.


Chesterfield County Police Department may violate the privacy of law-abiding cellphone users.


Teacher Wins Award and Promptly Resigns Citing 1 Awful Government Program as Her Reason – Common Core


Pictures appear to show trash piling up in the field house locker room at L.C. Bird High School … background checks.


Major textbook publisher admits their vocabulary workbooks omitted Christianity and Judaism while including Islam during the past 15 years.


Obama’s student-loan program $22 billion in the hole for FY2015


Florida Court Rules Open Carry Illegal


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