Please attend this important demonstration to let President Obama know you oppose Health Control! Grab some friends and carpool up for the day.

Please RSVP if you plan on attending by clicking here so that we can email you any last minute changes.

President Obama will hold a final, pre-vote rally for health care at George Mason University in Fairfax County on Friday, White House officials announced this week.

Demonstration time frame: Assemble at 8:00am at the “official demonstration” area. Campus Police will direct you to this area.

End of demonstration: 12noon. (When crowd is inside for ObamaCare Program.)

If the official area is poorly visible/far away proceed as a group to the Braddock Road Entrance of Patriot Center sidewalk area where we will be seen by all traffic on Braddock Road. If necessary, go to the far sidewalk. If we keep moving, we do not need a permit.

Where: Patriots Center Auditorium, George Mason University
Doors Open: 9:00am Program begins: 11:30am

The Obama event is open to the public. If you attend the event instead of demonstrating, you must bring a government issued picture ID. No signs will be allowed inside. Obama will make remarks about health care. The capacity of the Patriot Center is 10,000 people.

The House of Representatives is expected to take up the final votes on health care over the weekend.

Parking will be free in lots A-K which is around the Patriots Center (that’s the auditorium where he is speaking).

Here’s a link for directions:

UPDATE: Friday is the Obama speech at Patriots Center. All are supposed to wear red
shirts (blood, code red effort). Wisdom says you have to get there at 6am or
so to be able to get in. He doesn’t come on till 1130.