In case you missed it…

Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was here in Virginia yesterday morning.  Rep. Ryan continues to draw capacity crowds everywhere he goes, and today Virginians did not disappoint.  CBS reports that supporters started showing up as early as 2am this morning.

A week since presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced him as his running mate, Ryan has been on the campaign trail, grinding away.  You can definitely tell this by his voice (a bit crackly now), but his tone is serious as ever, especially when addressing the current administrations attempts to distract America from a disastrous record of failed policies.

“‘Hope and Change’ has become ‘Attack and Blame’,”the Wisconsin congressman affirmed.

Later in his speech, he laid down something I think we Tea Partiers are all so anxious to not just hear, but to truly believe again.  He concluded, “This is our commitment – we will not duck the tough issues.  We will lead.”

Yes sir, I believe you will.  Now lead on.  Or as the senior citizens in Warren, Ohio, say, “Good luck! Kick a**!”

Here’s the video of his rousing speech at Deep Run High School. (hat tip: therightscoop)

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Paul Ryan Speech in Glen Allen