UPDATE: The meeting detailed below has been postponed until Monday due to ANOTHER lawsuit being filed by the democrats. Stay tuned for more info….we will likely need you on MONDAY now.

Richmond-area supporters:

In case you haven’t heard, the Democrat-controlled State Board of Elections met yesterday at 9:30am and voted NOT to certify the elections of the 28th and 88th House of Delegates districts! This is totally unprecedented!!! The rationale for the failure to certify the elections was the threat of a lawsuit by Democrat lawyer Marc Elias (his firm was responsible for buying the “Fake News” Trump Dossier). Not an actual lawsuit, merely the threat of a lawsuit. The Democrats even had a the wife of one of the Democrat candidate’s attorneys claim to be “impartial, interested citizens” to give favorable testimony on behalf of the delay.

Thankfully, some grassroots citizens were out in force to call out the Democrat misbehavior for what it is: a thinly veiled attempt to steal an election. Republicans won both of these districts, fair and square. The State Board’s role is simply to certify election results as given to them by local boards, not to delay the outcome.

Please join us tomorrow morning in Richmond to oppose this flagrant disregard for our election. This may be a hike for you, but Monday morning we even had folks joining us from as far away as Fairfax county – this is important! Details are below: