A rally is being held this Saturday in Richmond in support of gun rights and the 2nd Amendment. Our friends from The Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) will be participating, and we’d like for everyone to help show support of this event.

Date: Saturday, April 14th
Time: Starts at 2 PM
Bell Tower on the Capital Grounds
9th and Bank St. Downtown Richmond

From VCDL’s President, Philip Van Cleave


I think we are all sick and tired of the relentless attack on our gun rights and the villainization of gun owners since the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

WE are NOT the problem. WE are the law-abiding who refuse to be beat up and stripped of our rights because some miscreant shoots up a school with the help of a MASSIVE government failure.

It’s time to push back! A series of rallies in support of the Second Amendment will be happening this Saturday, April 14, across the United States.

In Virginia, the rally is at 2 pm at the same place where VCDL holds its Lobby Day rally every year: the Bell Tower at the Capitol in downtown Richmond (9th and Bank Streets).

VCDL, as an organization, will be participating in this event!

Dennis O’Connor and I will be two of the speakers. We will be talking about our personal experiences where a gun saved us from being the victims of a crime.

If you are planning on attending and have your own story of being protected by a firearm, let me know (president@vcdl.org).

Since the event is being held on Saturday, street parking is free. As of right now, it also looks like it will be a beautiful day, with temperatures in the high 70s!

I expect the press will be covering the rally and ** a good turnout will be important. **

More details on the rally can be found here:



From their latest newsletter:

Some notes on the rally in Richmond THIS Saturday. It is being held at the Bell Tower on the Capitol grounds starting at 2 pm (9th and Bank St.):

1. Bring your family, including your children!

2. Signs are fine, but they cannot be on a stick – you must hold them. They can’t be stuck in the ground or attached to any trees, fixtures, or buildings in the area.

3. You can open carry or you can conceal carry with a CHP.

4. There will be 10 gallons of drinking water on site but it is suggested that you may want to bring your own bottled water.

5. Parking on the street is free, but if you park in a parking garage or on a private lot you will be charged for parking on those properties.

6. We expect some media to be there.

7. The first hour, which starts at 2 pm, will have various invited speakers talking about, amongst other things, how the Second Amendment has protected them or their loved ones. At 3 pm there will be an hour intermission, which required when using the venue. That time can be used for fellowship. At 4 pm, we will have an open mike, where anyone who wants to address the crowd and talk about the Second Amendment has 2 to 3 minutes to do so. For example, how being able to own and carry a gun has affected your life or the lives of your loved ones – from making you more secure to saving your life. You can talk about gun-control, protecting our liberty, gun-free-zones, and so on.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of being pushed around and treated like a criminal by Bloomberg, Soros, and their puppets. NO MORE GUN CONTROL – NONE!

Let’s flood that park and stand up for this country, the Commonwealth, our way of life, and our God-given right to keep and bear arms, that is protected and enshrined by both the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Section I, Article 13 of the Virginia Constitution!

See you there!