The Republican Senate Leadership Committee has sent out their “Official Republican Party Survey” which repeatedly says, “Do Not Destroy” and “this survey document must be accounted for upon completion of this project” and comes complete with its own official registration number. They make it sound like the census for goodness sakes.

The survey is broken into eight parts: general questions, economic agenda, retirement security, homeland security, foreign policy, family agenda, social issues and…wait for it… future of the Republican Party. First off, it is very interesting that “future of the Republican Party” is equally weighted with the other critical issues of retirement agenda, homeland security, and economic agenda. To understand why, you only need to look at one of the questions asked in this section, “Can the Republican Party hope to regain control of Congress without the support and activism of folks like you?” This just feels like an agenda for the Republican Party to “gain control” and power. To look at how a Tea Party supporter could honestly answer this question, let’s examine the questions that precede the one just mentioned.

Q33. Do you believe that voters have turned away from the principles and ideals of the “Reagan Revolution” –lower taxes, smaller government, and a strong, proud America?
Tea Party Response: See anything interesting about how the questions is phrased? It doesn’t say “do you believe that POLITICIANS have turned away” but rather says “voters.” Nice to blame the voters rather than themselves. I would think that if the Republicans had been leading the last 8 years under the principles of lower taxes and smaller government we wouldn’t be where we are today. Geez!

Q34. Do Republicans in the U.S. Senate have a responsibility to fight against liberal special interest handouts, tax increases, and massive new government programs?
Tea Party Response: The last time anyone checked the Porky Pig was oinking on both sides of the political aisle. Spending has been atrocious by a Republican AND Democratic led Congress. Both political parties pander to their own special interests to the detriment of our country. Nice try on rewriting history.

Q35. Do you believe the Republican Leadership in Congress needs to listen more closely to grassroots Republican on issues such as spending, ethics, and immigration reform?
Tea Party Response: I hate to sound like my 7 year old but, “NO DUH!” To go into further detail on this response would only insult the Tea Party supporters who have placed over a million aggregate calls/emails to Virginia federal legislators.

It is unnerving to continue to get these survey questions, with the entire objective being to solicit contributions from you, and they refuse to own up to their actions that have contributed to the downward spiral effect on our economy and disregard for our Constitution. Will they ever learn? This only reiterates that we need Tea Party candidates running as Republicans and Democrats so we can reform these parties with the Tea Party philosophy and principles. Especially since these two parties are running our country. Of course, a good measure of Independent candidates running for political office would send a message as well! All approaches are needed to have a lasting and sustaining impact.