Some of you likely remember the horrendous hit job against Louisa Tea Party leader Fred Gruber that was used to attack his character, after Gruber trounced Eric Cantor lieutenant Linwood Cobb from his 7th district republican party chairman position. Well, it appears now (following a $1M lawsuit) that this smear was the work of various GOP “establishment” leadership folks, including, but not limited to:

[list type=”check”]

  • Former Third District Republican Committee Chairman Mike Wade
  • RPV First Vice Chairman Mike Thomas
  • Chairman of the Chesterfield County Republican Committee Don Williams
  • Former Lieutenant Governor John Hager
  • Mr. Gruber’s predecessor as Seventh District Republican Committee Chairman, Mr. Linwood Cobb.


We’ll wait for this to develop, but its noted that the explosive details of this story were given under penalty of perjury, so this is a bit more weighty than simple he said/she said.

Read the the details over on The Bull Elephant blog. Prepare for your jaw to drop.