Here’s an interesting story from Of course, “anonymous sources” are always suspect, but this is extremely troubling if there’s a sliver of truth in here. Let’s hope….no, rather INSIST that the Republican leadership act with conservative principles and take ACTION, rather than just offering fake platitudes and kicking the can down the (very long) street.

“What is it about the November election that Republican leadership doesn’t understand?” That is the first question I ask any Republican elected official who works in Washington. Each response from the numerous conservative Congressmen has been some variation of “they just don’t get it.” The Congressman who I met with said basically what I already knew, “House leadership has no plan to cut spending, repeal ObamaCare and is not conservative.”

If there was ever a tme for conservative politicians to feel that the American people are behind them, now is that time. Don’t squander your opportunity!

The American people are waking up…now how about we also expect that from our citizen-servant leaders?