The Chesterfield County Republican Committee held its canvass last night (Monday 4/4) to elect new committee executive members. Of the seven seats total, only two were contested after one of the candidates for Chairman (Dan Szabo) had decided to leave the race. As we detailed previously, RTP’s own Dan Barto was running for Vice Chair of Projects, while friend of RTP Freddy Boisseau was running for Corresponding Secretary. So from 5:30-8PM, Chesterfield republicans filed into Manchester Middle School to cast their ballots.

When the night was over, Barto and Boisseau did not prevail, ultimately losing their races to Tracy Seredni and Bill Jefferson (incumbant) respectively. Additionally, Jerry Baldwin took over at the helm of the committee as Chairman, with outgoing chairman Donald Williams passing the baton at the conclusion of the canvass.

We’d like to congratulate the winners last night (Tracy and Bill), and also to thank Dan and Freddy (and Dan Szabo) for being willing to engage in the political process and for stepping forward to volunteer their time – whether it be just for the campaign or for also executing on their responsibilities within the committee following his/her win.

We’d also like to congratulate Donald Williams for a well-run canvass that was executed without a hitch, and also a huge thanks to the volunteers who worked the canvass.

Finally, we’d like to thank the precious few voters who decided to get off the couch and come vote. There were far, far too few of you for a county the size of Chesterfield. So if you participated and voted last night, well done!