moving3Volunteers and Supporters:

After an incredibly generous 3 years of donated office space, our office space is no longer available and we must relocate. We have about a week to pack up our office and move to new space, but we’re in no position financially to rent  office space in another office building somewhere.

We thought we’d ask our volunteers and supporters if any of you have conservative friends/co-workers/neighbors who might have space they’d be willing to donate for our use. In this period of reduced real estate activity, we thought perhaps that someone you know may have extra/unused space available…like perhaps in a strip mall or similar. In a perfect world, we’d like to have at least one slightly larger space to hold about 15-20 chairs for committee meetings, and perhaps one additional office and a bathroom. But beggars can’t be choosers, so we’ll entertain any opportunities.

If you do know someone or if you do have a solution, please contact us using our contact page or call us at (800) 394-5885 and leave a voicemail.

With our impending move, we’re going to be in a bit of disarray.  While we anticipate this only to be for a couple of weeks, we’ll work to maintain operations as close to normal as possible until we can get back on our feet in a new space.

Thank you for your support and your consideration!