The RTP received an invitation recently to speak at the first 2010 meeting of the Goochland Republican Women’s group (GRWG).  We were asked to come and share with the group more about the Tea Party movement, what RTP did in 2009, what are plans are for 2010, and what are the concerns of the Tea Party with the current GOP. 

The GRWG had a very nice turnout of approximately 50+ individuals, both male and female I might add.  The crowd was very receptive to our message.  When I took a poll with a show of hands, I would say approximately 1/3 of the audience indicated they either attended the April 15 or 9/12 tea party event.  I was very encouraged by their questions, interest, and enthusiasm for the RTP.

RTP welcomes the opportunity to share what we are all about to all parties and organizations. If you know of a local party, club, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, church…you name it, that would like to hear more about RTP, let us know.  We want to take our message to anyone willing to listen.  We are grateful for the invitation and kindness of the GRWG and look forward to more such invitations.  It is a step in the right direction.  The more organizations and people that better understand who we are through direct interaction rather than through MSM news coverage, the more people join our cause to fight for liberty and the Constitution.

If you would like to read the assessment from their perspective, I encourage you to read the blog  at Goochland On My Mind.