Greetings Fellow Patriots!

“Fight!” That was the theme of our meeting on Thursday night. If we are to restore the Republic, we must fight for it, as did our patriot forefathers. I was heartened to see a “packed house” at our meeting. Many more emailed me and expressed their regret that they were unable to attend. It appears that the opposition has “awakened the sleeping giant,” known as the Richmond Tea Party. Our “Action Teams” are filling with volunteers, and many have already received their “marching orders” and are actively engaged in restoring our Nation. Additional volunteers will be launching out this week. If you haven’t heard from me yet…you will! All I ask from you is whatever time you can give (a half hour, two hours, or 40 hours per month), plus a little bit extra! We are, after all, at war for our liberty. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so sacrifice!

On Thursday, I spoke of the fighting spirit of John Paul Jones. It bears repeating, so that you’ll know what measure of devotion is required of you in this hour.

In 1779, Revolutionary War hero John Paul Jones commanded the ship Bonhomme Richard (a French name meaning “Good Man Richard,” alluding to “Poor Richard’s Almanac,” published by Ben Franklin). On September 23rd of that year, he sighted several ships in convoy and moved in to attack. However, the British ship HMS Serapis, commanded by Captain Richard Pearson, moved to intercept Jones. You must understand that HMS Serapis was one of the finest ships in the large British Navy. Captain Pearson was considered among their best. The crew was manned by crack sailors, highly organized, who knew their business. HMS Serapis also sported more guns, and of heavier weight, than the Bonhomme Richard. The “upstart Americans” were outnumbered, outgunned, and outclassed.

Sound familiar? Today, many Tea Party folks like to moan and wring their hands, saying that we are all but beaten by the Progressives (Red Coats) and the RINOs (Tories and Turncoats) of our day…we’re past the “tipping point,” why not just give up? Let’s look further at how John Paul Jones handled his similar situation.

Jones attacked! The two ships opened up with almost simultaneous broadsides from their fearsome cannon! Smoke, dust, and splinters flew everywhere. The decks were soon slick with blood. Almost immediately, most of Jones heavier guns were out of action. As the battle continued to rage, Jones realized that he must try to board the British ship. But, his boarding party was slaughtered as they climbed aboard the enemy ship. Jones was soon in a desperate situation. Already, dozens of fires had broken out, the deck was in danger of collapse, many of the guns and crew were now silent, and the British were as determined as ever. It was at this point that Captain Pearson called over to Jones, “Has your ship struck?” For the American Captain, there was no hand-wringing, no despair. Instead, John Paul Jones answered back with a rallying cry that rings down to us in the present day, “I have not yet begun to fight!” The murderous pounding went on for 3 1/2 hours. Jones’ ship was shattered, on fire, and slowly sinking. His own Chief Gunner cried, “Quarter, quarter, for God’s sake!” Jones knocked him down with a pistol! The Captain then manned a gun himself and fired repeatedly into the British mainmast until it tottered ominously. Finally, Captain Pearson surveyed the damage to his own ship and crew, grabbed the British flag (which his crew had nailed to the mast as a pledge to never surrender) and tore it down. As Pearson came over to Jones’ ship to give up his sword, the British mainmast crashed into the water. The seemingly invincible HMS Serapis had been all but destroyed. Jones then boarded the British ship and took it as his prize!

Sometime later, John Paul Jones was informed that Captain Pearson had been made a knight due to his gallant action in the battle. Jones responded, “Should I have the good fortune to fall in with him again, I’ll make him a lord!”

Do things look grim, even desperate, for you liberty-minded patriots of today? Do the tyrants of our time seem all but invincible? There’s a solution…fight like John Paul Jones! Get on board with the Richmond Tea Party; man your post in one of our “Action teams,” and fight to restore the Republic! Take our Nation back as a prize! Our situation may look bad, but I can assure you, the Richmond Tea Party has “not yet begun to fight!”

In Liberty,

Larry Nordvig

Executive Director

Richmond Tea Party