PatMcSweeneyRTPMeetingFor our monthly meeting tonight, the theme was “Getting to know the Republican Party of Virginia – Part II”. This educational session was designed to help interested supporters learn about how the VA republican party is structured, from the local committees to the State Central Committee. We had the opening presentation by Ben Slone, leveraging his knowledge gained as the Goochland County unit chairman. The second part of the presentation was conducted by Pat McSweeney, who detailed the workings of State Central Committee, and who offered a wealth of knowledge from his history in the Republican party (prior state chairman of the RPV and current interim legal counsel).


Also during the meeting we ambushed Delegate Jimmie Massie (who was simply at the meeting as an attendee) into giving the group an update on the happenings with Medicaid expansionPat McSweeney efforts and the state budget. Additionally, we heard a presentation about the new conservative-leaning radio station in the area (WNTW), named “820 the Answer”. You can find this station at 820 AM, and also at Finally, we continued the discussion around our “Go Local” initiative, which is our effort (initially) to infuse tea party supporters into our local Board of Supervisors and School Board meetings, to have those supporters bring that knowledge back to present to the group. We received reports from two volunteers who brought back good recaps for the meetings they attended (thank you!). Good government starts small and starts locally, so getting engaged at the ground level is critical to restore ethical/conservative government from the ground-up.

We hope that all attendees found the information to be of value, and we encourage all supporters to engage in their government at any/all levels possible.

We hope to see you next month, and bring a friend!