Greetings Fellow Patriots!

There will be a special meeting of the Richmond Tea Party on Thursday, May 2nd at 7 p.m.

This is an important meeting, and you are strongly encouraged to attend! The main purpose of the meeting is to inform our supporters of the results from the recent “candidate vetting weekend,” sponsored by the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation and the Middle Resolution PAC.

Hundreds of Tea Party members from all over the Commonwealth spent two days listening to each candidate answer an identical list of questions involving issues and principles held dear by all true patriots. The participants considered the answers carefully, and then gave each response a score. These scores were then combined and used to rank the 7 candidates for Lt. Governor and the 2 candidates for Attorney General. The results of that ranking will be made available at the meeting.

If you are a delegate to the GOP Convention in May, these rankings will be of great benefit in deciding how to cast your vote! Remember, there is bound to be more than one round of balloting. You need to have more than one candidate in mind, in case your “favorite” doesn’t make it to the final round! We recommend you have a “top 3.” This meeting will help you identify those 3 candidates. Even if you are not a delegate, you will find this information informative and useful for the election in November. This is a tremendous opportunity for Tea Party supporters to have a major impact on the election of true, liberty-minded conservatives! We’re taking the Country back! Don’t miss out!

Also, we will take the opportunity to begin filling positions in our new “Action Teams.” You can begin “making a difference” by joining a team that fits your interest and talents. Our teams cover such areas as public relations, marketing, outreach, writing, research, IT support, government affairs, activism, and more! The best cure for frustration is action! You’ll be put to work right away in manageable, but meaningful assignments. Come and see where you can “plug in” to make a real difference!

The location of the meeting is Grace Alive Outreach Church, 4912 E. Millridge Pkwy. Midlothian, VA 23112. The Church is in the Market Square shopping center, near the intersection of Old Hundred Rd. and Hull St. (Rte. 360). The Church is at the southern end of the shopping area.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

For Liberty!

Your Richmond Tea Party Volunteer Team


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