Richmond Tea Party’s 3rd annual Tax Day Rally is just over two weeks away. It’s being held again at Kanawha Plaza in downtown Richmond from 5:00-8:00pm. The following is an interview I conducted with Phil Rapp, RTP’s vice president and co-chairman of the Tax Day Rally committee, about this year’s event. 

1) What can RTP supporters expect from this year’s Tax Day Rally?

As with the prior two Tax Day Rallies, the Richmond Tea Party has a terrific list of patriots to send our “Taxed Enough Already” message to Washington! Among the speakers is Keynote speaker Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Also a special visit by George Washington who will be sharing his thoughts on today’s tax issues but also interacting with attendees, so bring your children as well.

The Rally will start an hour earlier this year at 5:00pm with live music followed by the posting of the colors by the Boy Scouts of America escorted by the Pipes of Argile. Special guest Jewell Booker will lead us in the singing of the National Anthem.  Made-to-order food vendor Papa John’s will also be onsite at Kanawa Plaza.

2) What is the theme of this year’s rally? What message do you hope to send to politicians?

The theme is: “Stop the In$anity”.  The message is clear: our elected officials MUST bring our fiscal house into balance, now! The November elections were an indictment and an edict for those citizens sent to Washington to take our country back, beginning with making the tough decisions to eliminate the deficit by slashing spending.

3) Who will be speaking and on what topics?

Doc Thompson has agreed to MC the Rally once again this year! In addition to ongoing spot-on commentary from Doc, other speakers include Keynote Speaker Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who will provide an update of Virginia’s litigation on ObamaCare and other initiatives from the Attorney General’s office;  past RTP Board President Jamie Radtke will review the current fiscal mess that continues to go unresolved by Congress; Joe Guarino, RTP Board member and Chairman of RTP’s Legislative Committee, will give us a summary of the 2011 General Assembly actions, with particular comments on the Senate’s arbitrary rule changes occurring at mid-session; Sonnie Johnson, born and raised in Richmond, will share her views on spreading the wealth; Jamie Jacoby, RTP volunteer, will also provide details on the fiscal status of the country; RTP volunteer Kristen Schussler will be talking about the impact of unemployment on the college grads; and RTP Board member and Chairman of the Outreach Committee Gilbert Wilkerson along with volunteer Spencer Logan will share successes in RTP’s community outreach efforts. George Washington will also make an appearance with comments about leading a tax revolution!

4) Why is it important for people to come to Tax Day Rally?

The Tax Day Rally is an opportunity to hear local citizens speak to the issues that affect all of us. Those in Washington still trying to ignore us MUST know that we are as active and engaged as ever and will NEVER stop holding their feet to the fire.

The event is family friendly at a site perfect for everyone to gather, grab a bite to eat and enjoy great live music and inspirational and challenging messages of the day! Bring a lawn chair and enjoy! It’s also free!

5) How can people get involved in helping?

Go to our website and sign up!

We also need donations to defray the cost of the rally. Please go to our website and make a donation of any amount to help us with this event! Thank you!