So our IRS lawsuit got tossed…

As expected, the path to justice in our IRS lawsuit will be bumpy. We learned Thursday that our consolidated lawsuit (41 groups) against the IRS for targeting the Richmond Tea Party was dismissed by the federal district court in DC (shocker, I know). From our attorney, the American Center for Law & Justice:

Yesterday a federal district court dismissed two lawsuits (at least a majority of the claims) brought on behalf of conservative groups who were targeted by the IRS.

Unfortunately, the court’s ruling is based on what we believe is a mistaken interpretation of the law that would allow corruption to continue unfettered at the highest levels of federal government and deny justice to those who had their constitutional rights violated.

We knew that this wasn’t going to be quick…but to just toss the suits outright is amazing. The reasoning appears to be something along the lines of “you’re no LONGER being damaged, so the fact that damage occurred no longer matters” or thereabouts. Wild stuff here.

As a recap, the RTP was targeted for our beliefs and received outrageous requests for information from the IRS, and had our 501(c)(4) non-profit application delayed for YEARS.

Options are being examined now, including appeal.

Link to ACLJ story HERE.

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