George Allen Q&A Session – 9/8/2012

Below is the video from the Q&A session with US Senate candidate George Allen. Please excuse the rough audio will likely need to turn up the volume a bit to hear the discussion. Additionally, the video terminated early; about 2-3 minutes from the end of Allen's comments. The event was moderated by Dr. David [...]

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Will The New “Lost Generation” Support Obama in 2012?

Amid high rates of joblessness and underemployment, today’s youth are starting to feel the squeeze of a downturned American economy. The data released from the 2010 Census verifies what many experts as well as ordinary citizens had known for some time: the current generation of young adults, recently dubbed “The[New] Lost Generation”, are having a difficult [...]

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ObamaCare Bombshell: 4th Circuit Court cases might be dismissed

According to the Washington Examiner, a weird and twisted turn of events might kill the VA lawsuits against ObamaCare. "...the Fourth Circuit ... ordered the parties to file supplemental briefs by May 31 explaining the consequences if the court holds that the Anti-Injunction Act applies [which] applies to federal taxes. "This means that the appellate [...]

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