Celebrate Liberty with Us on April 14th!

Let’s make LIBERTY the issue in 2012! Event details / donations at: www.RichmondTeaParty.com/celebrate-liberty Fellow Virginian, As someone who stepped up a few years ago, you are needed TODAY more than ever! We’ve had our successes, of course, but 2012 is the real contest, isn’t it? Now, we invite you to join us at Celebrate Liberty, [...]

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Does Liberty Have YOUR Voice?

Richmond Tea Party is joining forces with other regional Patriot groups to host Celebrate Liberty this Saturday, April 14th. From noon to dusk at Chesterfield Fairgrounds, we’ll all focus on something others find unimportant at best, threatening at worst. That something is Liberty, period. She’s freedom and peace and a better world for all children, [...]

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