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General Assembly Bills Need YOUR Help!

Below, please find a request that you contact your state legislators regarding a critical Second Amendment bill. Many of us are receiving requests that we call our Delegates and Senators in the Virginia General Assembly regarding specific bills. Frankly, this is not a duty that we should ignore. To find your state legislators names and [...]

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Vote, In Numbers Too Great to Ignore!

Today, I spent some time with Esther and Alan, laid-off workers from southwestern Virginia’s coal mining country. These Virginians, and many of their fellow miners, drove six hours to spend as long knocking doors in Henrico County. They not only know what’s at stake Tuesday… they live it. Esther and Alan are among 1,800 miners [...]

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The Righteous Outlaws are Liberty’s Voices!

www.RichmondTeaParty.com/celebrate-liberty   This Saturday’s “admission” is a focus on LIBERTY!  That’s it!  Come on out, Virginia!   The Righteous Outlaws are performing at Celebrate Liberty this Saturday at Chesterfield Fairgrounds (southeast corner of Courthouse Road and 288).  These men are patriotic military men who donate their proceeds to local charities.   Talent and sacrifice like [...]

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Mostly Sunny, High 70’s….Let’s CELEBRATE!

The forecast for Saturday is fantastic!  Admission is free, and we at the Richmond Tea Party are standing up and stepping up with you, Virginia.  This Saturday, April 14th from noon ‘til dusk, we’re doing what we’ve always done. We’re not leaders of a hyper-organized effort.  We’re not leaders at all.  We’re just Virginia citizens [...]

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Celebrate Liberty with Us on April 14th!

Let’s make LIBERTY the issue in 2012! Event details / donations at: www.RichmondTeaParty.com/celebrate-liberty Fellow Virginian, As someone who stepped up a few years ago, you are needed TODAY more than ever! We’ve had our successes, of course, but 2012 is the real contest, isn’t it? Now, we invite you to join us at Celebrate Liberty, [...]

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Does Liberty Have YOUR Voice?

Richmond Tea Party is joining forces with other regional Patriot groups to host Celebrate Liberty this Saturday, April 14th. From noon to dusk at Chesterfield Fairgrounds, we’ll all focus on something others find unimportant at best, threatening at worst. That something is Liberty, period. She’s freedom and peace and a better world for all children, [...]

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Tea Party is still Stirring

Yes, we are! Below is an excerpt from  Sunday's Richmond Times Dispatch:   Tea Party is Still Stirring by John Pride .. * * * * *We are focused on liberty as the core issue of the 2012 elections. Our annual Richmond Tea Party event has been planned to make that point, with Celebrate Liberty [...]

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Fox News: Power Player of the Week

Video from: http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/fox-news-sunday/index.html Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Chris Wallace interviewed the Fox News Sunday Power Player of the Week on the show this evening. Dr. Ben Wallace is a brain surgeon at Johns Hopkins University . He’s an admirable man, to say the least. He and his wife, Candy, have given millions to [...]

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Gingrich Fails Virginia Supporters, Then Spins it Like a Liberal

Despite Newt Gingrich's public claims of victimhood regarding his failure to be placed on Virginia's primary ballot, it is clear that his managers simply neglected to read the rules.  He was required to have at least 400 signatures from each of Virginia's 11 Congressional districts as a part of the total 10,000-signature qualifying requirement. It is astounding [...]

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First Do No Harm

As you’ve listened to and researched various dire prophecies regarding the implementation of Obamacare, have you wondered where the voices of American physicians have been?  After all, these are the “first do no harm” group, and considering the tremendous potential harm to their patients, you’d think they’d be as anti-Obamacare as they are anti-tobacco, fatty [...]

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