You’re a proud Virginian, and a responsible citizen of the United States of America. But as a gun owner you are a now a target, and to believe otherwise will have tragic consequences.

In the wake of the tragedy in New Town, Connecticut, we must refuse to stand idly by as our rights fall victim to outright deceit. The current push for government intervention regarding gun ownership is simply another example of crazed ideology meeting opportunity and ignorance. Sadly, all three are in seemingly endless supply.

The media have faithfully taken up the mantle of deceit, the Administration has tossed scripted nonsense to the busy and believing, and so the ‘progressive’ snowball rolls on. American gun owners have long felt securely cloaked in the protection of the Second Amendment, yet this assurance has been severely weakened by a long-term, calculated assault on all that we could once trust. Remember:

Those who intend to dictate do not fail, not ever, unless they are defeated. Those who hide behind propaganda will never yield to truth, not unless they are forced to do so. As was intended from the start, We, the People, are the first, last and always best line of defense against so-called ‘progressive’ tactics that make King George III seem benevolent.

Absent responsible action from our leaders and the press, we must be willing to accept that their work is our own. Please join us, fellow Americans as, once again, we stand to shoulder our responsibilities. The above link is a start, and we should all applaud a gun manufacturer willing to face their opposition in the public arena.