Major New Richmond Tea Party Announcement!

-Quick and easy methods to interact with and research the records of your elected officials

After reviewing various methods to provide voter advocacy services to RTP supporters, your coordinator team performed a deep-dive analysis on the VoterVoice service as an option to quickly and easily format messages to send to your local, state, and/or federal government representatives. Additionally, this service also allows supporters to look up their legislators, track specific bills, and provides RTP the ability to create politician scorecards from the bills that are important to you.

Before we went forward with this service though, we performed a survey in August to get your feedback. From your responses, the results were overwhelmingly (about 90%) in favor of establishing this capability for RTP. Below are the results for question #1 about overall interest, and you may download/review the full survey results HERE.

Results 1

So how can you get started?
Well, we’ll soon send out our first campaign email notification where you will be able to take direct action on an issue. When you see this notice from us, you’ll need to update your registration info to include your address, so that the system will know who the representatives are for your area/address. Don’t worry though…as always, we’ll *never* sell or give out your email information for non-RTP purposes.

Stay glued to your inboxes…we’re getting ready to kick this off! In the meantime, you can begin exploring some of the new functions, such as looking up your representatives for where you live: