DOJ To Give Money From Bank Of America Settlement To Liberal Activist Groups

As a conservative activist, sometimes its very depressing and disheartening to see the volume of funding against which we are fighting. Relying solely on donations and self-funding by our coordinator team, we're always one wrong step away from being in perilous financial hardship (more so than any normal day). Now to see hundreds of thousands [...]

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Here’s What It Looks Like from Where I’m Sitting

News is flying by real fast. Grab your hat, it's gonna get windy. The European Central Bank (ECB) is fighting a losing battle. It is easy to tell this is so: they are telling ever-bigger lies about their soon-to-be-really-announced, no-kidding-we-really-have-a-great-plan, bailout program-of-the-hour, ever more frequently. There is no money; the ECB has invented a massively [...]

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Now It’s Getting Interesting

Irresistible force, let me introduce you to immovable object? Economy in Congress’s Hands As Fed Runs Out of Bullets Ben Bernanke took a lot of flack from politicians ahead of the central bank’s statement on Wednesday. But now after the Federal Reserve chairman downgraded the economic outlook and initiated a Treasury-buying program in an attempt [...]

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Wanna Know Why House Prices Skyrocketed, Then Collapsed?

Did you buy a house in good faith, at the peak of prices, only to see the value of that house collapse when the housing market collapsed? Would you like to know why house prices skyrocketed and then collapsed? Are you upside-down in your house? Maybe you are concerned about losses incurred by your retirement [...]

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