Breaking News: Vetoes Fail; Budget Passes

As some of you may know, the VA General Assembly passed a budget, but Governor McAuliffe vetoed some sections of it before signing. However just tonight, a special session of the General Assembly rejected the vetoes related to Medicaid expansion (and other veto activity), resulting in the final VA budget! See The Bull Elephant blog [...]

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1000 Days or Less

1000 days or less (Heritage Foundation) A milestone was met yesterday: The US Senate has gone 1000 days without issuing a budget. Christopher Columbus discovered the New World in 70 days.  The Empire State Building was built in 410 days.  Numerous other feats were accomplished in 1000 days or less. Can you name more?  Post [...]

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Obama: “Americans Are Too Uninformed To Participate In The Budget Debate”

What arrogance; what ego. As a recruiting tool for Tea Party-minded folks, he's too good to be true. Your fence-sitting friends need to see this.

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If This Is The “Deal,” I Have two Words: Bite Me

Budget negotiations are reportedly closing in on a deal to cut the federal deficit and then raise the debt ceiling. Bloomberg focuses on a big number and then, later, tells you that the cuts will happen over ten years. In other words, the dealmakers are going to cut a few hundred $Billion per year from [...]

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Second Thoughts About Second Thoughts About Earmarks

It is so nice to be proven right through no effort on one’s part. In my last post, “Second Thoughts on Earmarks,” I said that it was relatively easy know who is requesting earmarks, and voila! Three groups are making that information available to all. According to the Washington Examiner, three groups; Taxpayers for Common [...]

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How The Fed Steals From Savers

A recent article by Charles Schwab merits our attention: In February 2006, when Ben Bernanke was first sworn in as chairman of the Federal Reserve, the federal-funds target rate stood at 4.5%. That same year, the average yield on a one-year certificate of deposit was 5.4%. A retiree who diligently saved for a lifetime [...]

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